Jul 30, 2014

[Video] Antigua Bread Owners Seek Tip Jar Thieves, Assailant

Two separate surveillance videos taken at Antigua Bread show the theft of a tip jar and an assault and battery on customers.

The owners of Antigua Bread on North Figueroa Street and Avenue 58 are looking for a pair of thieves who last month made away with a tip jar containing approximately $50.

Restaurant owner Miguel Hernandez on Wednesday published security camera footage, which shows what appears to be two young men plotting to steal the tip jar and then dashing away with its contents through the rear entrance. 

In the video, one of the alleged thieves is wearing baggy shorts and a ripped gray tee shirt. The other, who appears to have a mustache,  is wearing khaki pants and a checkered long-sleeve shirt.

The young man in the grey shirt distracts a server, while the young man in the checkered shirt makes away with the tip jar and drives away in a beige-colored sports utility vehicle.

Hernandez said he posted the video on Youtube to see if anybody in the community had any information about the theft.

"I just to see if people would recognize the guys," Hernandez said.

He added that, recently, customers had complained that items were being stolen from their vehicles in the rear parking lot of Antigua.

Another surveillance video posted by Hernandez shows a young man walk past the front patio and punch two customers in the face and then run away. Hernandez said that 911 was called immediately after that incident.

"That was too much. The guy just popped out of nowhere" he said. "These are the first incidents of that type to happen here."

Anyone with information about either incident is asked to call the Los Angeles Police Department Northeast Division at 1-323-344-5701

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