Jul 29, 2014
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Help Scripps Report on Storm via #IBStorm #Coastalfloodwatch

Help Scripps Report on Storm via #IBStorm #Coastalfloodwatch
A team from Scripps Institution of Oceanography under the direction of Dr. Bob Guza will be documenting impacts to the coast from the storm and swell this weekend.

"The Scripps folks will be surveying beaches (e.g. Cardiff, Torrey Pines, Solana Beach and IB)," said Dr. Guza.  "Documentation can be very valuable to our research."

So if you are on social media--Facebook, Instagram and Twitter-and take photos of the beach or coastal flooding in Imperial Beach over the next four days, make sure to hashtag #IBstorm #Coastalfloodwatch and record date, time and location and any other observations.

As the issue of coastal storms and sea level rise receives more attention in California and worldwide it is more critical than ever that we understand what happens to our beach during unusual and or large storms and swells.

 In the wake of the SANDAG sand project it is also important to evaluate how the sand performed in helping mitigate damage to public infastructure from large coastal storms.

Serge Dedina is a candidate for Mayor of Imperial Beach. He can be reached via Facebook.com/serge4IBMayor.

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