21 Aug 2014
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Patch Instagram photo by sexy_and_40
Patch Instagram photo by sexy_and_40

Lynn Moore

For all those that are fans of Obama you may not want to read this.

I made a remark about Obama and what he was doing to this Country and was accused of being right winged and got my information from FOX news. I responded with the fact that I do not watch any news except local news and then only to see what the weather forecast will be. I do my own research and do not lean to left or right only until after I look at facts-not opinions.

I would like to say that I read the best article about Obama that came from a non partisan source in the free little newsletter called Eagle and Times. I wish everyone would read it.

Actually I have to make a correction. While looking for the author of the article I noticed that it is an opinion, but it is still excellent. It is called " The President's Legacy" It is filled with facts that cannot be disputed. I would like to add a few more facts, but I will refrain due to the fact that while I am not afraid to express my opinion

 I would rather make friends with all of you that read the Patch than enemies.

If you would like to read an excellent article please read the Jan. 9th issue of the Eagle and Times , go to the Opinion page and read "The President's Legacy" written by J. F. Kelly, Jr.

Good job Mr. Kelly!

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