Jul 28, 2014
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Poll: Should State Route 75 Speed Limit Increase?

CalTrans has recommended the speed limit be increased on a portion of State Route 75 from 40 to 45 mph but the city disagrees. What do you think?

Poll: Should State Route 75 Speed Limit Increase?

In a speed survey completed earlier this year, CalTrans recommended that the speed limit on a stretch of State Route 75 from 40 to 45 mph.

The road in question begins where SR-75 curves toward Coronado and the Silver Strand and is less than a half mile from Delaware Street to the western city limit.

City of Imperial Beach staff oppose an increase over concern for a main corridor for bike traffic at 7th Street, seniors who live at Bernardo Shores RV Park and other possible risks to public safety.

There is also concern that an increase in speed is contrary to the city's Palm Avenue Master Plan.

The speed increase would occur in both directions.

The study found an average speed of 42 mph from 7th Street to Rainbow Drive, but 46 mph to be the average for 85 percent of cars surveyed. Speed limits are often set near the 85th percentile.

About 30,000 cars travel the portion of State Route 75 also considered Palm Avenue each day.

CalTrans found a rate of 1.45 crashes per every million vehilce miles.

Data obtained by the city from the sheriff's department observed over a different time period found 2.95 crashes for every million vehicle miles.

The public are invited to comment in a public hearing about the matter at a city council meeting Wednesday. CalTrans officials will be there to respond to and answer questions.

As a state highway, the ultimate decision is in the state's hands, but what do you think?

Vote in our poll and tell us why in comments. 

Do you support or oppose a speed increase on SR-75? Do you think a five-mile increase will make a difference or is it too small an increase to matter?

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