Jul 30, 2014
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Child-Snatching Eagle Video? Big Hoax By Students

The unusual sighting of the bird in a park, turned out to be computer-generated by some Canadian art students. In Laguna Niguel, however, our parks do have some unique attractions.

The video made by a group of college kids in Montreal, Canada, garnering 5 million views on YouTube on the first day of an eagle grabbing a small child in a park, is a fake, according to MSN.

Surprise, surprise, right?

MSN is reporting the students say it was a two-month project they worked on for a class.

While it may have had many around the word mesmerized and worried that a small child was being snatched in a Canadian park in front of its parents, it is indeed nothing more than a class project.

Sometimes, though, unusual things can be found in parks, especially in Laguna Niguel's 29.

Did you know there are all sorts of  and reptiles in Laguna Niguel Regional Park?

Additionally, residents have seen bobcats and mountain lions in other local parks.

There's also Niguel Botanical Preserves where plenty of unique trees, flowers and plants can be found.

You can also see many four-legged, furry creatures in Pooch Park, some are quite unusual.

However, while it may be rare to see an eagle, there are plenty of kites -- regular, as well as motorized -- flying above and around Kite Hill.

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