23 Aug 2014
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Getting in Sync With Your Intuitive Side

Local spiritual teacher gives tips and weekly advice for more balance and peace of mind.

Getting in Sync With Your Intuitive Side

Hello, my name is Debra Campbell. I am an intuitive counselor, spiritual teacher, artist and healer. In the course of my career, I have done more than 30,000 sessions in person and on stage, radio, TV or by phone. I lecture, give demos and teach others to open up to their true spiritual identities.

I believe that we each are innately connected to each other and to a holographic field that permeates everything. Now, quantum mechanics is proving that this may indeed be the case.

I grew up in the South, where my intuition developed at a young age. "Seeing dead people"—as the catchphrase goes—was pretty difficult. I struggled for a time to understand my abilities and perceptions. Later, I found I simply was the fourth-generation owner of a hidden talent that no one in the family wanted to discuss.

Moving to California changed my life. It allowed me to discover that the gift that I had desperately tried to keep hidden was OK and that I could use it to help others. That was the starting part of an exciting adventure.

My goal is to raise awareness of our spiritual connections with the everyday world.

Right now, the planet is undergoing rapid transformation that is affecting all of us in some way. In Vision Quest, I will share weekly tips to help you find balance with your mind, body and spirit. I will give insight to help you relax, meditate and find more peace within your life.  I will alert you to coming energy trends that will help you navigate the course in history that is developing around us. I want to help you to maximize all the potential that you have.

Here's what the week ahead looks like:

Nov. 19 - 27

This has been an amazing year. It has been a year of revelations. It has been a time when the truth, whatever it is, is coming out. You may have seen your friends, mates, co-workers, family members, celebrities and political figures reveal things about themselves and their true feelings that hurt you, shocked you or overjoyed you. You may have found yourself doing the same thing.

This information may also have shown itself as aches, pains and ailments in our bodies. Data we ignored about our health and mental states may have surfaced in the form of aches and pains that sent us out in search of relief. The result may have ended with the purchase of a juicer or start of a new exercise plan.

Now, as we come together with our family tribes in this annual ritual of thanks, expect more to be revealed. It is a good time to remember the humanity within each of us. Practice those random acts of kindness as you gather to honor those things for which we are all grateful. Spend a few minutes meditating and calling for more peace and understanding in the world.

Everything that is occurring now is to help us to heal and move forward. Our thoughts create, so work to focus on the positive.


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