23 Aug 2014
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Janet Jackson Slims Down—Diet or Something Else?

Th songbird says she is on a serious diet regime through Nutrisystem, but do you believe it? A local registered dietitian and a talent expert weigh in.

Janet Jackson has lost weight, breaking news right?

Why is it every time a celebrity loses weight (or shows a 'baby bump') it makes the national news and is the biggest thing since sliced bread?

She says she lost her weight on  Nutrisystem, a diet that delivers meals right to your door. These are meals that are not only healthy for you but also tailored just for you, according to the company.

She tweeted on Friday that "Nutrisystem really works." Probably having a personal trainer at her disposal 24-7 doesn't hurt either.

Jackson has yet to reveal how much weight she has actually lost because she “doesn’t want to focus on the numbers but staying healthy instead.”

In December, the diet company said she lost 10 pounds in about one month.

As for her new look, she does look great—super slim, taut and oh, so toned. Can just do that?

Of course, this isn’t the first time she has transformed herself, she did that back in 2011. In her tell-all book,  True You, she called herself an "emotional eater with serious body image issues."

But these days, the 45-year-old songstress has a new strategy to staying slim … in the form of the Nutrisystem diet it seems.

Laguna Niguel Registered Dietitian Kelly Kehlet added, "I do believe that she lost it using Nutrisystem. Diets like that can be very effective in the short term, because they are so structured and are portion controlled. The problem with them is that they don't always adequately address the issues behind overeating. If the person does not learn what causes them to use food to cope, and how to choose and prepare healthy foods in appropriate portions, they frequently regain the weight once they are off the diet."

Alice Kim Cowell, president of a talent agency and local resident, said in terms of Jackson's weight loss, "It's hard to say...but I would imagine that Janet Jackson was closely monitored with personalized coaches throughout the process, so to get similar results you would need to be self-disciplined. I believe that portion control, balanced diet and regular exercise is key to a lifestyle change and healthy weight maintenance."

What about you, do you attribute Jackson's new killer bod to the diet plan and door-to-door delivered meals or did she lose the weight another way?

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