21 Aug 2014
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Our Brothers and Sisters in Israel

Rabbi Mendy Paltiel of Chabad Jewish Center of Laguna Niguel, offers thoughts on recent events and will host a gathering on Sunday.

Our Brothers and Sisters in Israel

It has been a tragic week in the holy land. Hundreds of missiles continue to rain down on civilian centers in Southern Israel, closing schools, sending residents into bomb shelters, and causing damage throughout the region. Yesterday we received the devastating news of a missile that struck a building in the Chabad Neighborhood of Kiryat Malachi resulting in the tragic death of three precious souls; a 25 year old man, a pregnant 27 year old woman whose husband and children are in crticial condition, and a 50 year old Rabbi, a father of three who had run back to help a neighbor evacuate.

Our hearts and minds are with our brothers and sisters in Israel. We mourn with the families who have suffered losses and injuries. We are concerned for the million men, women and children who are living in fear, spending their days and nights running in and out of bomb shelters. Our thoughts and prayers are with the brave young soldiers who are at this very moment putting their lives on the line to defend our people and our land.

What can we do to help? We are thousands of miles away, in our own communities, yet our very being cries out: What can we do? How can we help?

The Rebbe has taught us that yes, there is something we can do. The Rebbe spoke often and at great length about the power of a mitzvah. By doing a single additional Mitzvah we can bring increased blessing and added protection to our brothers and sisters in Israel.

Let each of us decide to do one of the following Mitzvahs: Add some Torah study to your daily schedule, say a prayer (a chapter of Psalms) for the soldiers of the IDF and for all of the people in Israel, increase in the giving of charity and acts of kindness, light the shabbat candles, put on Tefillin, or put up a Mezuzah in your home.

Click  here to visit our special section on Operation Pillar of Defense, and the efforts, both in body and spirit, of our brothers and sisters in Israel and around the world.

Attention guys! Give "Arms" to our brethren in Israel! Join us this Sunday morning for our Men's Tefillin Club & Breakfast, a power breakfast for your body & soul. The Talmud states that there is a strong link between Tefillin and peace in Israel.

Our Tefillin Club will be held this Sunday, Nov. 18t at 9:30 a.m. at my home. Please let us know if you plan to attend.

With prayers for a peaceful shabbos in the land of Israel and around the world.

Shabbat Shalom, 
Rabbi Mendy Paltiel

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