23 Aug 2014
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Yellowfin Tuna in Dana Point

Big news as yellowfin tuna move within 12 miles of Dana Point. Captain John Ackley says he’s never seen anything like it in his life; thousands of white seabass at Catalina.

On Thursday, a private boater reported taking in six yellowfin tuna 12 miles southeast of Dana Point. The ahi were in the 8-12 pound class and were traveling with pods of dolphin.

“This is big news,” said Captain Jeff Jones from Captain on Board who saw a photo of the tuna that was sent by cellular phone from the fishing grounds. “I see no reason why this bite isn’t going to continue.”

Laguna Niguel Lake

Catfish are averaging 2-3 pounds and are stocked every other Thursday.The next stocking of catfish is scheduled for Aug. 25. Due to a state-wide shortage of catfish, this will be the last stocking for the season. The good news is that our last stocking will be 2,000 pounds of trophy catfish in the 4-8 pound class.

The biggest catfish of the week was caught by Victor Sanchez of Dana Point, who topped off his five fish limit with a 9-pound, 2-ounce whisker fish that hit a chunck of bonita soaked in Catfish Cove.

San Diego

In San Diego, tuna fishing continued good for most as bluefin and yellowfin tuna continues to push within 60 miles of Point Loma. A few dorado and more yellowtail were also being taken under floating kelp paddies.

As long as we can stay away from windy conditions and subsequent drops in water temperatures, the tuna bite should progress.

Captain John Ackley of the Westerly out of Long Beach Sportfishing reported seeing thousands of white seabass on Thursday. “I have never seen anything it before,” said the veteran skipper. “Short white seabass had surrounded the boat and we could see them all the way into the kelp line.”

Ackley said he could also see seabass in the 20-50 pound class swimming beneath the smaller croaker. The problem according to Ackley was that the smaller fish would eat the bait before the larger seabass could get to it.

The Westerly and passengers released more than 50 short white seabass, caught two seabass in the 12-15 pound class and had limits of calico bass.

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