Jul 28, 2014
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A Day in the Life: Marianne Kushi

A typical day for the La Jolla resident and NBC San Diego News in the Morning co-anchor is anything but typical—and that's just the way she likes it.

Marianne Kushi’s day starts around 2 a.m., when most people are still asleep. That’s when the longtime La Jolla resident wakes up, grabs her Blackberry to check Twitter, turns on a 24-hour news channel and begins getting ready for her job as co-anchor of NBC San Diego’s News in the Morning. And while the La Jolla Patch wasn’t present to see how many times Kushi hits the snooze button, we were graciously allowed to share a day in her life (see photo gallery). 

La Jolla Patch: Why did you choose to live in La Jolla?

Marianne Kushi: I picked La Jolla because it has such a community feel. People here are friendly. They know my first name; I know their first name. And it’s not just because I am on television. They know people who just live in the neighborhood. If you go to the grocery store, they address you by name; in the little shops, they address you by name.

La Jolla Patch: If you had good friends visiting La Jolla and they only had 24 hours to spend, what would you tell them they had to do?

Kushi: Breakfast at either or . Brockton Villa’s good because you can sit outside and watch the ocean. … Then go farther south to the Bird Rock area which has rocky beaches. It’s nice to see the different topography.  Oh, and they should visit the too.

And go on top of so you can see the view of both sides of La Jolla.  You can see the city and then drive down La Jolla Mesa Drive and see the ocean and Point Loma.  

Go to for lunch. I like Barbarella because Barbara is such a personality. She greets everybody who comes through the door like she knows them. And the food is great and you can sit outdoors.

I would also suggest walking through the village and going into the different shops—they are affordable. Some of the shops here, people think, ‘Oh you can’t go to La Jolla and buy anything,’ but there are all these little stores and there is something in there to purchase.

I think that’s about 24 hours. There is nightlife too, but I think you’d be exhausted by that time.

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