23 Aug 2014
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La Jolla High School Does the Harlem Shake [Video]

Move over Gangnam Style, the Harlem Shake sensation has reached La Jolla.

A video meme (trend) called the Harlem Shake has blown up online and La Jolla High School students are getting in on the dance action. Students posted their own version to YouTube on Friday.

Let us explain the Harlem Shake before you watch the video with confusion. Typically each video is 30 seconds. In the first half of the video one person dances around by themselves. In the second half, a group joins in on the crazy dancing. Often participants of the Harlem Shake are wearing costumes or masks.  

There are thousands of these short videos on YouTube. All of the videos mimic the original version that came out early this month. 

Watch the Harlem Shake video that started it all. If you want to watch Patch's co-workers at AOL and the Huffington Post dance the Harlem Shake click here.

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