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Letter to Editor: LJCPA Uses Unauthorized Policies and Procedures

La Jollan Bob Whitney asked, "Who is actually establishing the official positions and opinions for the LJCPA Trustees?"

Letter to Editor: LJCPA Uses Unauthorized Policies and Procedures

Letter to the Editor:

The City of San Diego has determined since the La Jolla Community Planning Association (LJCPA) is a advisory body created by an action of the City Council, the LJCPA is subject to; (i) California’s Open Meeting Law, the Ralph M. Brown Act (“Brown Act”). (ii) City of San Diego Council Policy 600-24 and (iii) The City approved Bylaws of the LJCPA. Each of the above documents gives our community group Trustees a clear direction how to precisely, openly and fairly conduct the business of our community.

Despite being subject to the above City imposed regulations, LJCPA Trustees continue to perform the business of our community using unauthorized “Policies and Procedures”. They do this even though the City Attorney’s office and the City of San Diego Development Service Department have strongly recommended the Trustees to memorialize their “Policies and Procedures” into their City approved Bylaws, thereby assuring compliance with all of the above mentioned regulations.

The most recent infraction of our community group occurred on February 4th with the filing of an environmental determination appeal of a project at 1328 Virginia Way.  The appeal was filed by the groups President, Mr. Tony Cristifi, 3 days prior to the LJCPA’s publicly noticed February 7th meeting. The appeal was filed in violation of the Brown Act, City Council Policy 600-24, Information Bulletin 620 and the LJCPA’s City approved bylaws. Each of which clearly states, there must be open discussions and voting by the LJCPA prior to taking an action.

To further compound the infraction, the Trustees voted to ratify the appeal without public comment or discussion regarding the reasons listed on the environmental determination appeal application filed by Mr. Crisafi.

There was also a  second appeal filed on February 4th of the environmental determination of the project at 1328 Virginia Way. This appeal was filed by attorney Julie Hamilton. Her clients include No Three Stories, Save La Jolla, La Jolla Shores Tomorrow, Taxpayers for Responsible Land Use and the La Jolla Historical Society. The above mentioned regulations however require the official positions and opinions of the LJCPA should not be established or determined by any organization other than the LJCPA, nor by any elected Trustee of the LJCPA, other than one authorized to do so as a result of a public vote taken at a noticed LJCPA meeting. Shockingly, the reasons listed by Mr. Crisafi in the LJCPA appeal are taken word for word from the appeal filed by Ms. Hamilton.

Mr. Crisafi who is actually establishing the official positions and opinions for the LJCPA Trustees?

Bob Whitney

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