Jul 28, 2014
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Letter to Editor: 'Our Community' Deserves Better!

Letter to Editor: 'Our Community' Deserves Better!

Dear Editor,

A recent Press Release from the La Jolla Community Planning Association stated “La Jolla Community Planning Association Seeks Candidates for Annual Trustee Election”. In the body of the press release it stated “Elected Trustee participates in monthly meeting held the first Thursdayof each month at 6:00pm. Upon election trustees receive a brief training of land development law and process. Our meetings are always open to the public and we are guided by our bylaws, city policies and the Brown Act to ensure that our process is inclusive and transparent”.

One only has to listen to the official recording of the LJCPA monthly December 2013 meeting to understand the approval process is in La Jolla is anything but “inclusive and transparent”. Before the December meeting was called to order you can hear the LJCPA Secretary, Helen Boyden, announcing “Here we go I am recording”. Shortly thereafter a woman named Ashley asks the LJCPA President, Tony Crisafi, why her project, which had been denied by DPR, was not on tonight’s agenda? After an apology from the LJCPA President, a disappointed and frustrated Ashley ends the conversation and walks away. Forgetting their conversation is being recorded Mr. Crisafi and Ms. Boyden continue discussing Ashley’s project in her absence, Mr. Crisafi states; “What I’m going to do”? “According to Phil (Merten) it’s not going to get approved anyway”. Ms. Boyden asks; “By the City”? Mr. Crisafi responds; “No, by the community”.(To hear the recording go to  lajollaassociation.com/our-community-deserves-better/)

The recorded dialog between Mr. Crisafi and Ms. Boyden is a shameful reminder decisions to approve or deny an applicant’s projects by the LJCPA are anything but “inclusive and/or transparent”. Often projects are pre-determined by Trustees in the name of “The Community”. What happen to the oath each of the LJCPA Trustees recited when they each took office? “I do solemnly swear, that I will uphold the highest standards of community service, that I will fairly and impartially consider all point of view, that I will refrain from self-interest, that I will respect all those with whom and for whom I serve, that I will comply with the bylaws of the Community Planning Association and Policy 600-24 of the City of San Diego, and that I will dedicate my service toward the betterment of the community of La Jolla”.

If you also received the above mentioned Press Release and are considering volunteering your time, first read and understand the LJCPA Bylaws, City Council Policy 600-24, the Brown Act, the La Jolla PDO and the La Jolla Shores PDO. To ensure the process is “inclusive and transparent” abide by the oath of office.

—La Jolla 42 year resident Bob Whitney

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