Jul 30, 2014

FOUND: Flags On Lake Street

The flags were found Jan. 19.

FOUND: Flags On Lake Street FOUND: Flags On Lake Street

A good Samaritan in the community is hoping to reconnect some found flags with their rightful owner.

"This past Saturday morning as I was driving down Lake Street toward the 15 Freeway [in Lake Elsinore], I observed a bag lying in the middle of the road near Orange Grove Way," the community member told Patch in an email. "I pulled over and grabbed it as I didn't want it to be run over." 

Inside the bag were two flags and poles.

"The poles have little metal tags with womens' names and dates, as well as a location," the good Samaritan wrote. "I'm sure they are important to someone."

Attached are photos of the found flags.

If anyone has information about the rightful owner of these flags, please email: darlene.bell64@yahoo.com

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