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Lake Elsinore Flower Show Invites The Community To Compete

The competition is free and open to all amateurs.

Lake Elsinore Flower Show Invites The Community To Compete Lake Elsinore Flower Show Invites The Community To Compete

The 57th Annual Flower Show hosted by the Elsinore Woman’s Club is set for April 26-27, and the community is invited to enter.

The competition is free and open to all amateurs. (See attached and below for more details).

Entries are being accepted at the Elsinore Woman’s Club on April 26 from 9 a.m. to noon. Show hours at the club are 3 to 6 p.m. on the 26th, and 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. April 27. The community is invited.

The Elsinore Woman’s Club is located at 710 W. Graham Ave. For more information see below and/or contact Heidi Dodd at 951-609-1199.


Competition Details:

  1. Entries must be at the clubhouse Friday, April 26thth, 9 a.m. – noon.
  2. Only one entry in each category per participant.
  3. No artificial or dyed flowers.
  4. Name of exhibitor must be on underside of container.
  5. Entries will be judged from all sides.
  6. Entries must not be removed from display until 2 p.m. on Saturday.


Division I: Horticulture

Categories: Specimens and Plants

    1.   Roses

    2.   Irises

    3.   Bulbous Flowers

    4.   Annuals

    5.   Perennials

    6.   Unscheduled

    7.   African Violets

    8.   Succulents

    9.   Cacti

    10.   Miscellaneous

    11.  Planted Arrangements


    Division II: Design


    1. Tall Container (10 inches or more) 

    2. Low Container

    3. Basket (Natural)

    4. Found/Junk Container

    5. Holiday/Event

    6. Using Accessories

    7. Novelty Vase/Pitcher

    8. Monochromatic

    9. Garden Bouquet

    10. Roses

    11. Irises

    12. Geraniums

    13. Wild Flowers

    14. Flowering Trees/Shrubs

    15. Miniature (1-3 inches)

    16. Miniature (3-6 inches)

    17. Men Only

    18. Use of White Daisies


      Division III:

      Arrangements by Youth

      2 to 18 Years of Age


      Division IV: 

      Table Design: Set a table for two!


      How do I Participate in the Flower Show?


      You can arrange flowers that you have purchased or grown in your garden.

      You can bring your favorite houseplant.

      You can simply bring in a single bloom from your garden.

      You may set a table for two and include a floral display.


      The Categories for the show include:


      Horticulture – Division I:  Simply bring in a cut flower, and we do the rest!

      This division consists of all cut and container specimens grown by the exhibiter. Ribbons are awarded in various categories based on: Condition and Grooming, Distinction, and Cultural Perfection.


      Design – Division II:  This is where you create an arrangement.

      Design must be the work of the exhibitor, but the individual need not have grown plant material. Ribbons are awarded in various categories based on: Design, Artistic Concept, Expression and Distinction.


      Youth Design – Division III: Open to Children 2-17, divided by school level

      Table Top Design IV: Participants interpret our show theme, “Lake Elsinore Garden Party” and create a beautiful table setting using their own linens, china, silverware, and accessories.

      How do I prepare flowers for an exhibit?


      • Select the best: You may remove any damaged petals  
      • Harvest with care: Plan to cut your flowers in the evening or early morning. Always cut the stem several inches longer than necessary to allow for later trimming. Use a clean, sharp knife to make a smooth, even cut. Scissors tend to pinch the ends of the stems.
      • Remove any leaves on the stem that will be in water. Foliage covered with water will rot and cause discolored water and stem blockage.


      Tips for exhibiting flower arrangements

      • Plan your design around a container you already own, your favorite holiday or flower.
      • Remember the overall effect of the arrange­ment should be pleasing to the eye. Color, space, texture, and shape are important.
      • Use high-quality plant materials with no wilting, color fading or obvious damage.
      • Plant materials should be in good proportion to each other and to the container. The length of stems and the size of flowers and foliage affect overall proportion.


      Tips for exhibiting houseplants

      • All potted plants should be free of insects and diseases.
      • Foliage plants are judged on the quality and appearance of leaves and stems. Colors should be bright, clear, and typical of the cultivar.
      • Flowering plants are judged for their display of flowers but should not show obvious foliage damage.
      • Use clean containers that are in proportion to plant size. The color, texture, and style of the container should complement the plant with­out drawing attention away from it.


      What happens at a flower show?

      When you check in, some one will help you find where to put your exhibits. Later, a judge will look at all the exhibits and ribbons will be awarded.

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