Jul 26, 2014

Council Preview for March 18 - Permit Parking

Council Preview for March 18 - Permit Parking

NOTE: The previous article incorrectly discussed the imposition of tickets for parking on street sweeping days which is not on the agenda for this week.

There are only two items up for discussion at this week’s City Council. The first is the permit parking for the area around Gowdy and the second is proposed changes to campaign sign ordinances.

Permit parking has been used in various parts of the City, especially when overflow parking from multi-family complexes makes it difficult for people in the neighborhood to find parking spots. In this area one of the causes of the overflow parking was the management decision to change the regulations covering guest parking in the nearby multi-family complex. residents have been trying for nearly a year to get the City to institute permit parking, and now it is coming before the Council.

Tomorrow we’ll look at campaign signs.

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