23 Aug 2014
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GOP Takes Aim at 2 of Its Own in Lake Forest Race

Orange County's Republican Party spends thousands to influence the City Council vote.

GOP Takes Aim at 2 of Its Own in Lake Forest Race

It's Republican vs. Republican in traditionally conservative Lake Forest this election season, and the attacks have one candidate considering renouncing his membership.

So far, the Republican Party of Orange County has shelled out roughly $22,000 in the City Council race: $9,247 to defeat two of its own members, and nearly $13,000 to support two others, Adam Nick and Dwight Robinson.

According to documents filed with the Secretary of State, the OC GOP reported Oct. 17 expenditures of $6,472 each for Nick and Robinson.

One week later, the OC GOP reported spending $8,107 against incumbent Marcia Rudolph and $1,140 against candidate Terry Anderson:

All four candidates—the pair the GOP supports and the two it is spending money to defeat—identify as Republicans.

Anderson called the effort to oppose two Republicans "disappointing, twisted and insulting."

"It's disheartening enough that I'm strongly considering relinquishing my Republican party affiliation," he said.

He said no one from the party contacted him about his policies: "I'm really curious: Where did they get all this information about me?" 

A mailer authored by the GOP calls Anderson "too liberal" and a "City Hall insider."

Another GOP mailer slammed Rudolph, who has a congenital vision problem that prevents her from driving, for her quarterly travel expenses. She takes taxis to events, such as council meetings.

Rudolph said the opposition, even by her own party, did not phase her.

"They spelled my name right," Rudolph said. But she added: "They need to do a better job of vetting the people they support."

The OC GOP began endorsing local candidates fairly recently, Rudolph said: "I guess their processes are still a little ragged."

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