Jul 30, 2014
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Is It the Rez? Or Not? Lafayette "Alcatraz" Fans Want To Know

Patchers tell us the Lafayette Reservoir made a cameo appearance in the time-travel crime thriller Alcatraz, currently filming in the Bay Area. Or did it?

Is It the Rez? Or Not? Lafayette "Alcatraz" Fans Want To Know


Patcher Lorie tells us that Lafayette makes a cameo appearance in the third episode of the new Fox TV thriller Alcatraz.

Some fans swear there are scenes of Walnut Creek and the Lafayette Reservoir in the show, while others maintain the venues are actually where most of the series has been shot -- in Vancouver.

Plot outlines suggest some creepiness in Walnut Creek. Here's how the creepy blog The Outhousers describes the creepiness:

"We open 'Kit Nelson' with our titular criminal creeping into an adorable house in a town called Walnut Creek. There he finds two boys sleeping in the attic, where he clamps his hand over one's mouth and threatens to kill his sleeping brother if he screams. To be fair, he has a tear in his eye, so presumably he's remorseful about it. For more background, we head to a 1960s flashback to Kit in the yard at Alcatraz, where several inmates kick the crap out of him."

Whew. Sounds intense. We'll confess we haven't watched the show, but perhaps you have and can tell us if the Rez is featured or if the "adorable house in Walnut Creek" is actually in Vancouver.

"It's a little disturbing, but it was exciting to see WC in a popular TV show," Lorie emailed to Patch. Thanks, Lorie.

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