23 Aug 2014
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Lafayette Police To Crack Down On "Rogue" Bikers

Not the greasy, smelly, oily and mean as a warthog kind of biker -- the Spandex and funny shoes kind.

Lafayette Police To Crack Down On "Rogue" Bikers


Lafayette Police Chief Eric Christensen hasn't had time to warm his office chair since landing the job as the city's top officer -- and everyone, it seems, is clamoring for his attention.

"Over the past few weeks, I have received a number of complaints from residents regarding rogue bicyclists in the neighborhoods – bicyclists, that is, who fail to recognize that the rules of the road apply to them, too," the chief wrote in a weekly message.

Many Patchers have expressed similar concerns with some two-wheelers, and residents have gone to the chief offering tips on violation hot spots and even offering "to make their driveways and bushes available for officers to hide in and behind."

Christensen said the input helps, and that the department will be deploying its motorcycles and police bicycles over the next few months because "everyone needs to follow the rules of the road, regardless of whether you are on two or four wheels."

If you have a traffic complaint regarding your neighborhood, the chief asks that you contact him

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