20 Aug 2014
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Lamorinda Drivers Driven to Distraction - Here, Here, and Here

Local law enforcement agencies are cooperating with the California Highway Patrol in a "zero tolerance" crackdown aimed at folks who text and talk while driving. The ones we saw on the road today didn't look all that concerned.

In a decidedly random and non-scientific survey, Patch reporters stationed themselves at three key intersections Monday and counted the number of folks using their cell phones in defiance of an ongoing "" enforcement effort, counting the number of obvious users among random groups of 25 motorists.

Here's what they found:

Lafayette: Mt. Diablo Blvd. at Moraga Road, counter positioned at crosswalk - 6 out of 25 motorists were on the phone with phones or handheld devices in plain view, 1 probable.

Moraga: Saint Mary's Road at Bollinger Canyon, counter positioned in a turnout - 7 out of 25 motorists were dialed in, one lady in a white Tundra so distracted by her call she strayed into oncoming traffic, pulling back into her own lane after oncoming driver hit the horn.

Orinda: Theater Square, counter positioned at the fountain - 4 of 25 drivers were taking calls, 1 probable texter.

Members of the Patch Irregulars said they saw an increased police presence on the road but it is too soon to tell how many, if any, tickets for distracted driving were issued. We'll have those statistics later in the month.

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