Jul 26, 2014

Letters to the Editor: Moraga’s Measure K

A reader writes with his thoughts on a proposed sales tax to help fund road repair in Moraga.

Letters to the Editor: Moraga’s Measure K


Dear Editor:

Measure K is a one percent sales tax to fund roadway repair in the Town of Moraga. If this measure is passed, our town council will vote to issue municipal bonds that will provide immediate funding for roadway repair, rehabilitation, and maintenance.

In preparation for this, our town hired Edric Kwan in July as Town Engineer and Public Works Director. Mr. Kwan is an experienced municipal engineer who is adept at pavement management. A few weeks ago Edric took the time to explain some of the technical aspects of pavement assessment and management to me and answer my questions. He utilizes the latest software tools to assist him making the best decisions –decisions that are objective, cost effective and timely.

Our meeting left me confident that our town is following the right path, at the right time with the right people.  They are focused on delivering recognizable improvements to our roads in the short term and establishing a comprehensive maintenance program for the long term.

Good roads benefit all in our community and Measure K is the first step.  I support Measure K.

William Faoro, PE Civil

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