Jul 28, 2014
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Week in Review: The Week Before Christmas

Did you miss some of the stories from Lamorinda Patch earlier in the week?

Week in Review: The Week Before Christmas

The week started with nerves still rattled from the massacre of children and adults at a quiet school in Newtown, Conn.

On Monday, the nerves were unnerved again when "

On Tuesday, Patch reported on a series of package grabbers stealing holiday parcels from doorsteps, as delineated by the Moraga police.

On Wednesday, a Pittsburg man who had gone fishing at the Lafayette Reservoir in the morning was found dead of an apparent drowning in the evening.

Orindans were clapping each other on the back with congratulations and bonhomie with the word that Forbes.com tallied Orinda as the second friendliest city in the country. They're so friendly they sent along best wishes to the friendliest city, Sammamish, Wash.

On Friday, the repairs had progressed to the point that a paved road was restored over Lafayette Creek on Mountain View Drive, 19 days after a sinkhole collapsed the road.
One week after the horror of the Connecticut shootings, the healing went on with a service of consolation at the Lafayette-Orinda Presbyterian Church. "We have been stumbling through our grief," said Pastor Peter Whitelock.

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