Jul 29, 2014

Chu Earns Larkspur Business Award

The Chamber of Commerce honors Larkspur City Councilmember as its latest Business Citizen of the Year.

Chu Earns Larkspur Business Award

Running the City of Larkspur is like running a business, which would put City Councilmember Larry Chu on its board of directors.

Chu was honored Friday as the newest Business Citizen of the Year by the Larkspur Chamber of Commerce during a luncheon at Left Bank Brasserie.

"I don't have a business here in Larkspur ... (but) my time here is typically 3 in the afternoon or after, which is still enough time for a couple hours of city business. The City of Larkspur is a business," Chu said.

A man who is used to dealing with financial data, Chu has become one of Marin County's go-to figures in the strategy for pension reform. He also serves on various city and county commissions.

Chu, in his acceptance speech, stressed the importance of a strong local business community.

"I like to do as much as I can for the business community here because their just as important as our residents. That's something I try to keep on the forefront," he said.

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