Jul 29, 2014
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Larkspur's Spivey Takes New Course

Founder of the Larkspur Walkers is retiring, but no one expects her to settle down for long.

Larkspur's Spivey Takes New Course Larkspur's Spivey Takes New Course


The Larkspur Walkers are still on the move, and so is founder Nancy Spivey.

Spivey, who founded the Larkspur Walkers in 1987, is stepping down as the leader of the group that has become a local institution among active residents.

"I had an idea 25 years ago that walking would be a good activity for older adults. The reason being that it would contribute to their health and well-being by having a regular outdoor activity for fitness and at the same time social activity," Spivey said. "I could never have imagined how successful this would become. Starting with just a handful of people, membership has grown to more than 100."

Four of the original members of the Larkspur Walkers were part of the audience that packed Larkspur City Hall last Wednesday to honor Spivey.

The City of Larkspur passed a proclamation naming Sept. 5 2012 Nancy Spivey Day in honor of her years of service to the community. The proclamation read in part:

Whereas Nancy Spivey in 1979 assumed the mantle of the Recreation Director for a fledgling 5-year-old department. Nancy Spivey as the Recreation Director has been responsible for creating association with Corte Madera Rec, Redwood High School, Marin Rowing, Marin Humane Society, Tidal Waves, Larkspur Corte Madera School District and the Marin Cricket Club. Nancy was instrumental in forming the Larkspur Community Garden in Piper Park, which is celebrating its 30th year. Nancy has been invaluable to the Twin Cities Children's Center, which is celebrating its 37th year, securing facility space and interacting with school officials each year for use of Neil Cummins Elementary School campus.
Whereas since 1987, Nancy has led the Larkspur Walkers group, which boasts more than 130 members to Larkspur, Corte Madera and San Francisco destinations.

"This was not to be about me. This night was to be about the Walkers. I'm embarrassed because I wanted you to acknowledge the Walkers," Spivey told the Larkspur City Council.

Spivey shouldn't be embarrassed. If anything, she should be getting used to such honors from the City. She is also the 2011 Senior Citizen of the Year.

Former Larkspur Mayor Joan Lundstrom added her well-wishes to Spivey. "I have over the past 20 years observed her dedication and innovation to the Larkspur Walkers. Because of Nancy, it is more than a walkers group. It is a place to welcome newcomers to town, the newly widowed or divorced, longtime residents and the people of Marin to come together. Nancy has singlehandedly created a welcome for all. With friendships being forged, sickness being fought as well as acknowledging those who have passed away. Many birthdays as well as memorials have been celebrated in Piper Park. Nancy has brought a lot of heart to people. She's very special."

"As I am retiring from the leadership o the group, it gives me great pleasure to see how many of our members are stepping up as volunteer managers of the walkers," Spivey said. "I thank the City for your support and the Larkspur Walkers for your loyalty and support throughout the years."

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