Jul 25, 2014

"Pop" Goes The Shop

Popup stores are finding a home in Larkspur and Corte Madera.

"Pop" Goes The Shop

Trends come and go quickly, and retail stores are moving just as quickly with one of todays business trends: Popup stores.

These stores might appear in a flash at a shopping center, a vacant lot, or even inside another business, and then disappear within a week. This might sound like the formula for a holiday shop that sells Halloween masks or Christmas ornaments, but today's popups have a further reach.

Even established retailers with year-round businesses will pop up in different communities to expand their market.

Jeff Oakes Design
, which offers handwoven and hand-printed textiles to "promote artisan entrepreneurs in India, Cambodia, Turkey and San Francisco," set up a popup shop at the Stress Management Center of Marin in Larkspur.

A description o the business reads: "By working directly with young artisans and community-based production units he uses his experience in architecture and specialty retail to host design workshops that inspire creativity, innovation and that encourage sustainable business practices."

The Stress Management Center is highlighting some of Jeff Oakes' work during its 3 Thursdays - 3 Originals celebration through August. This week's kickoff to the event features live Jazz music from Greg Johnson and displays from Jeff Oakes and Char Maassen Jewelry.

The Town Center in Corte Madera is enjoying a good relationship with popup stores, which fill vacant space even if for just a month.

"We do it for a couple reasons. One is, it's nice to not have vacant space," Town Center general manager Stan Hoffman said. "But also, these can be incubator stores. Sometimes they become permanent tenants."

Among the popups to have appeared recently at Town Center are: Liquid Marin, Lynnina Swimwear, Golden Gate Galleries and Toss Designs.

Marin resident Melissa McLane runs Liquid Marin, a mini-department store with "a rotating selection of women’s, men’s and children’s clothing, home goods, furniture and gift items." Liquid Marin is located next door to Crate & Barrel.

Lynnina Swimwear for Women, created by Marin mom Lynn Werner, offers swimwear designed to be fashionable and comfortable for all body types. Lynnina Swimwear is located next door to SA Elite.

Golden Gate Galleries is in the middle of the action at the Town Center, near the elephant statue. "They are a delightful addition and we all wish them lots of success," Hoffman said.

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