Jul 28, 2014

Police: Pet Owners in Seal Beach Are Being a Little Less Responsible These Days

Buck up or face the consequences, they say. That means no dogs on the beach or pier and pick up the poop.

Police: Pet Owners in Seal Beach Are Being a Little Less Responsible These Days
A press release from the Seal Beach Police Department:

Seal Beach city officials have seen an uptick in complaints regarding violations of the City’s municipal code by animal owners, specifically, dogs on the beach, dogs on the pier, unleashed dogs, and adherence to sanitary standards.  

In response, the police department and Long Beach Animal Care Services, the city’s animal control provider, will proactively respond to these complaints.  

As these proactive responses begin, city staff would like to remind residents and visitors of regulations specific to these complaints.  §9.05.090 of the Seal Beach Municipal Code states that, “No person shall permit any dog or other animal owned or possessed by such person to be in or upon the city beach.” 

Additionally, signage on the Seal Beach Pier prohibits dogs on the pier.  Animal owners who wish to enjoy beach activities with their pets are encouraged to utilize nearby Huntington Beach “Dog Beach” located in Huntington Beach on Pacific Coast Highway between Seapoint Avenue and 21st Street. 

§7.05.080 of the code mandates that “No cat owner or dog owner shall fail or refuse to remove feces defecated by the animal onto city property or onto private property not owned by such owner.”  

Pet owners are reminded to responsibly pick up after their dogs in order to protect our environment and ensure the enjoyment of the facilities by all human visitors.

Dog owners are also encouraged to enjoy the city’s dog park at Arbor Park. The dog park is located off of the north side of Lampson Avenue at Heather Street. 

The dog park was created so that responsible adults could allow dogs to be without leashes within fenced areas. This opportunity is a great option for dog owners wishing to allow their dogs to run free, as §7.05.055 of the Seal Beach Municipal Code states that, “No owner of a dog shall permit the animal to be at large unless it is leashed.”  

Residents are reminded to display their pet’s license when utilizing the dog park.  Non-residents can purchase a dog park license through Long Beach Animal Care Services (562.570-PETS).

“The City of Seal Beach continues to be a pet friendly community," said Lt. Bob Mullins. "Adherence to these restrictions will enhance the safety and quality of life for our residents, visitors, and pets as well as protect our natural environment.”

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