23 Aug 2014
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Tears, Smiles and Amusing Quotes Mark First Day of School

Los Alamitos Elementary's principal says the first morning was "very calm." A student says, "Peanuts have peanut butter in them."

Tears, Smiles and Amusing Quotes Mark First Day of School

“Does anyone know what a month is?” asks kindergarten teacher Christina Paxon.

“Wednesday!” replies one of her students.

It was one of many weird and wonderful quotes from the first day of class at Los Alamitos Elementary School.

About 700 kids, 28 teachers and dozens of parents showed up Wednesday morning to begin a year of learning, games and, of course, questions and answers that only children could think up.

(Check back later for a photo slideshow of the first day of school.)

Some students giggled and others cried as parents said their goodbyes at 10862 Bloomfield St.

Long Beach resident Danielle Athy said her daughter Zyre had been looking forward to class.

“She’s always ready to get back to school and interact with other students,” said Athy, who added that watching Zyre enter kindergarten felt “kind of surreal” because it seems like just yesterday that she was a toddler.

And how did Zyre feel about her first day of kindergarten?

“I’m a princess,” she said.

Speaking of first-day-of-school quotes, here are some more of our favorites:

  • “Peanuts have peanut butter in them.”
  • “Today I choked on my breakfast: Fruity Pebbles.
  • “Guess what’s my favorite day and candy day? Saturday.”
  • “I thought I was going to be bad, but I’m doing really good.”

Principal Sunghie Okino said the first day went well. Despite a new parking lot layout, parents adjusted well and the morning drop-off period had been “very calm," she said.

Okino, marking her 7th back-to-school day at Los Al Elementary, said a lot of work goes into setting up for the children's return, but the payoff is worth it.

“You see their faces, they’re happy and they’re eager,” Okino said. “When you see their faces you know why you work so hard.”

Kindergarten teacher Paxon said she’s always nervous on the first day but considers it an “exciting moment.”

“We’ve got these little minds that we have to mold,” Paxon said. “That brings me joy.”

Note to parents: If you took pictures of your child’s first day of school, whether at Los Alamitos Elementary or anywhere in and around Seal Beach, Rossmoor and Los Alamitos, we’d love to see the photos. 

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