Jul 30, 2014

Vacation Rental Ban Up for Final Vote

Seal Beach City Council is scheduled to decide Tuesday whether to permanently end local practice of renting residential property for 29 days or less.

Vacation Rental Ban Up for Final Vote

Seal Beach is set to decide the fate of vacation rentals.

The City Council will vote Tuesday whether to permanently ban future short-term property rentals, the practice by which people rent out residential spaces for 29 days or less.

Last month officials approved an emergency version of the law, but the final vote is scheduled for 7 p.m. meeting at City Hall.

Under the proposed text of the ban, no one would be able to rent or lease a Seal Beach residential property to someone for 29 days or less for any purpose.

However, any home which had received -- on or before Oct. 22 -- a city permit that allowed a short-term rental would still be allowed to rent out the property. 

The agenda item -- and the two below -- are scheduled to be approved without discussion unless a councilmember, city staffer or member of the public pulls the item for discussion.

Other items on the agenda

Burger Business:  Should Ruby’s Diner stay on the Seal Beach Pier?

The city council is scheduled vote whether to OK the City Manager’s decision to keep the business's month-to-month tenancy.

Green for Clean: Officials will vote whether to award a $130,000-a-year contract for janitorial service to Able Building Maintenance.

Click here to read the full agenda.

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