Jul 29, 2014
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Preview: State of the Valley 2013 Conference

Are you ready for what lies ahead? Joint Venture Silicon Valley shares its assessment of the political, social and economic conditions of the area this Friday, Feb. 8


Is Silicon Valley headed toward another peak? How can you, your business or organization be ready to weather the next boom or bust?

On Friday, the State of the Valley 2013, organized by Joint Venture Silicon Valley, may give you some insights.

The annual "town meeting" brings together—well, everyone—to forecast and discuss our future challenges and its implications. Leaders representing varying sectors such as government, non-profit, technology, real estate, education, business and healthcare will converge in San Jose Friday to help area residents, non-profit executives and business owners understand the current landscape and prepare for the challenges ahead.

A few thoughts about the questions that may arise:

  • What will you change about the way you do business or run your organization to stay up-to-date with technological advances?
  • Are you on social media or the cloud?
  • Are you considering building an app?
  • Are you getting new hardware to meet your need?

The annual State of the Valley conference presented by Joint Venture of Silicon Valley includes speakers and moderators such as Emmett Carson, chief executive office of the Silicon Valley Community Foundation; Chris DiGiorgio, managing partner of Accenture; State Senator Mark Desaulnier; San Carlos City Manager Michael Garvey; San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed and Susan Wojcicki, senior vice president of advertising at Google.

Conference registration information can be found here.

Patch will be there to get the information you'll need to help you prepare and grow. Let us know what you want us to ask and find out! Then check back Friday and in days following for our reporting.


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