Jul 30, 2014
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Speak up: What Questions Do You Have For Candidates?

The first forum for candidates in Los Altos is Monday, but if you've got questions, write them here, and Patch can carry your questions to them for our own candidates' Q&A.

Speak up: What Questions Do You Have For Candidates?


With Election Day less than two months away—and sooner for you early voters—it's becoming increasingly important to know more about the many candidates and their plans.

There are three competitive races this fall, from the Los Altos City Council to the Los Altos School District Board. All will be facing big issues in the coming months and years for our community.

In order to make your decision at the polls just a little easier, we'll be reaching out to all candidates to have them answer your questions. So if you've been wondering something, ask away, because we'll be sitting down with them in a week or so.

Post questions in the comments and tell us what race it's directed to. After we've racked up enough questions, we will relay them to the candidates in an interview. We encourage questions that all candidates in a race could be called on to answer. 

The following local races are in play: 

Los Altos School District Board of Education

Santa Clara County Board of Trustees, Area #1

Los Altos City Council

Purissima Hills Water District

The Los Altos Chamber of Commerce and the Los Altos Village Association are sponsoring the first of several public fora where you can see the candidates in action.

The Los Altos City Council Forum will be held Monday, Sept. 17, 7 p.m., in the Los Altos Library Community Room. The candidates participating are (in alphabetial order): , , , , and .

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