Jul 28, 2014
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Los Gatos Cat Returns Home After Missing For a Week

Announcement section of website helps owner get the word out about lost feline friend who's found unharmed Tuesday.

Los Gatos Cat Returns Home After Missing For a Week

After disappearing for a week, "Domino," an Egyptian Mau cat that went missing from his New York Avenue residence in Los Gatos on Jan. 8, returned home Tuesday.

Its owner, Los Gatos Patch reader Susan Fairey, had posted the sad news on the site's announcements section under lost and found Jan. 10. She wrote that her declawed and people-friendly feline had no collar, but was chipped. She encouraged readers to contact her if they had seen the cat.

On Tuesday, however, she emailed this editor with the good news that her cat had found its way home. "I wanted you to know that my missing cat returned this am. One week from the day he left. Thank you so much for your assistance. Guess there still are miracles happening!"

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