Jul 30, 2014

Los Gatos Patch Whiz Kid of the Week—Shreya Barma

Expert debater is also an accomplished student leader, singer and athlete.

Los Gatos Patch Whiz Kid of the Week—Shreya Barma Los Gatos Patch Whiz Kid of the Week—Shreya Barma

Shreya Barma, Age 13

Schools: Young Genius Educational Center in Los Gatos, eighth-grader at Horner Junior High School


Shreya has been successfully debating at speech/debate tournaments for years. In seventh-grade she and her partners were selected to compete at Nationals. Last semester, Shreya competed with Young Genius Debate Academy in tournaments around the Bay Area such as Presentation High School Tournament, Santa Clara High School Tournament, and Harker Middle School Tournament. Shreya is committed and dedicated individual serving as part of the student body representing Horner Junior High School. Outside of studies Shreya loves to practice guitar, play soccer and sing.

  • 2012 - Won 11th place overall in public forum debate tournament at Harker public school
  • 2011 - Horner Junior High School Choir competition, team won first prize  in Los Angeles
  • 2011 - Awarded top speaker medal while competing at South Bay Debate League
  • 2009 - Won first place at CCF 17th annual folk and dance competition
  • 2008 - Won second place at CCF 16th annual folk and dance competition
  • 2007 - Won first place at CCF 15th annual folk and dance competition
  • 2006 - Won first place at CCF 14th annual folk and dance competition

Key to Awesomeness:

"Shreya is a talented, hardworking and enthusiastic individual with the ability to pick up new things easily. She is self-motivated, and works diligently to find solutions in whatever she puts her hands to," said Young Genius Education Center owner Helen Heinsohn.

Shreya discovered her passion for speech and debate when she enrolled in the speech and debate summer enrichment program, Heinsohn said.

One of Young Genius Learning Center numerous programs prepares its students to participate in middle- and high-school tournaments. Just a month after joining the Young Genius Debate Academy, Shreya participated in a big high school tournament conducted by Harker School as a member of the Young Genius Debate Team.

“Shreya has become a leader on our debate program team. She already has a winning record against students who are older than she is. She works hard, she is fast on her feet in a debate round and she has a wonderful, friendly, irrepressible personality,” said coach Don Heinsohn.

Shreya's other passion is dance. She enjoys learning and participating in both film and classical Indian dance. This was a passion that her parent's noticed in her at the age of 3, when she attended a cultural program at the Fremont library where she first performed and then sat for two hours to patiently watch all the other performances.

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