14 Sep 2014
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Simplify Your Kids' Morning Routine

Save your sanity and time!

Simplify Your Kids' Morning Routine Simplify Your Kids' Morning Routine

Last week in Moms Talk, asked,

Her query received 29 comments. Most readers thanked Archer, the founder of Moms Health Zone, for sharing information about Whole Foods' questionable organics and what we can do to make sure the food we're consuming is safe. 

Below, please find the best responses to her timely question:

"Wow, thanks for the eye-opening Mom's Talk. It's easy to feel “safe” when shopping at Whole Foods for organic produce but this is a good reminder to do our due diligence and check labels. We have been getting our organic produce from Live Earth Farms ( www.liveearthfarm.net/) for several years now. They are an organic Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm located in the Pajaro Valley near Watsonville, California. We split a small family share with neighbors and it is an affordable way to ensure we're getting what we pay for! The farm to table food is fresh and delish."

"Whole Foods is not an organic food source, it is a retailer who happens to carry a larger percentage of organic products than other retailers. By using your hyperbolic headline you choose to paint actual producers with the doubts that should naturally accrue to retailers, like Whole Foods, who use popular perception to hide sometimes unfortunate truths. The problem of imported foods, and organic certification both domestically and in international trade, has been a subject of concern for actual farmers since before the adoption of the NOP standards. Certification of organic farms in the US is of questionable efficacy at best, and is subject to very little oversight. That is doubly true for imported produce. There are many small farms who adhere to both the spirit and the law of organic production who are done a disservice by your insinuation. "Caveat emptor" may have been a popular catchphrase in ancient Rome, but it is no less pertinent today."

"260 shipments of food being barred from China should raise a red flag. I personally prefer Lunardi's or Trader Joe's for my organic shopping."

Now onto this week's topic: Simplify Your Kids' Morning Routine.

Organize a week’s worth of your children's clothes with a hanging clothes closet organizer for each child. This inexpensive item can be found at Bed Bath & Beyond and Orchard Supply Hardware and boutique catalogs and shops which will save time, energy and arguments during your morning routine.

Parents can save minutes and scratch a repetitive task by not having to put the clothes away twice; once after finishing laundry and twice to place them out the night before. See photo included of how this handy dandy, kid friendly space saver that even your little ones can help stock themselves.

Include all necessary items; shirt, pants, socks, underwear or even a diaper. If your spouse helps get the kids ready, this task couldn’t be easier; you'll get smiles instead of sighs, plus thanks!

Bonus: If your child is involved in any activities, place their uniform and/or costumes into that special day's slot of the week. Then just grab and go. You'll feel confident knowing you're on the mark, all set and ready to go!

Try this tip for yourself and organize your closet to locate your outfits for the workweek ahead. You'll be glad you did!

One tip to start today is by moving from tedious tasks to healthy habits so that everyone gets out of the house on time! 

What's your biggest time saver tip during your morning routine? How can you simplify your morning routine? 

Here's to a great morning!

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