Jul 30, 2014

Who's The Mystery Los Gatos Musician?

Can you name the guitarist that plays near Town Plaza Park on weekends?

Who's The Mystery Los Gatos Musician? Who's The Mystery Los Gatos Musician?
There he sat ... on a wooden bench across from Los Gatos Town Plaza Park near Le Boulanger playing the guitar to the enjoyment of passersby. 

His name is unknown, but the lovely sounds from his instrument and voice are recognizable by townsfolk who love to listen to him perform on weekends in the downtown area.

We spotted him again on Saturday, but didn't want to interrupt his lovely rendition.

Town amateur photographer Hal Elledge was kind enough to snap a decent photo for us since our iPhone camera was giving us blurry shots. 

Who is this mystery troubadour? If you know, tell us in the comments! 

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