Jul 29, 2014

City Gathers Input on 6-Man

From stories of mayhem to tentative solutions, residents and business owners affected by the volleyball tournament voice their thoughts in this hour-long video split into five segments.

At a meeting in the Joslyn Center Wednesday night, community members voiced concern over the mounting problems the annual 6-Man Volleyball Tournament poses. Public intoxication, urination, loud music and general lawlessness have mired the tournament and irked local residents in recent years.

Police Chief Eve Irvine and Parks and Recreation Director Richard Gill presided over the town hall-style meeting. Residents and community leaders spoke at length about the chaos and suggested ways to reign in unruliness—including temporarily postponing the event.

Law enforcement began a cracked down on alcohol consumption on the beach during the event in 2010. The move has shifted drinking inland, affecting residents of homes on The Strand, walkstreets and downtown area.

"When you're on public property, on a public beach, we've got total control," Gill said. "When you're on private property, it does turn it into a new game."

A review of Wednesday's discussion will be presented at the Sept. 20 City Council meeting, Chief Irvine said.

Manhattan Beach Patch's hour-long video coverage of the meeting is split into five segments. Inaudible comments have been excluded from the video.

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