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Thanksgiving Spotlight: Kathleen Paralusz

This Manhattan Beach resident's mom just moved here so she's excited to spend Thanksgiving with her.

Thanksgiving Spotlight: Kathleen Paralusz

Name: Kathleen Paralusz

Age: Older than some people think

City of residence: Manhattan Beach

Occupation: In-house counsel 

How long have you lived in MB? 13 years

What are some things that you like about MB? The beaches, our schools, being able to walk (not drive) to shop, dine out or go to the beach, our small-town community atmosphere, and did I mention the weather? Where else can you wear shorts on the beach on Thanksgiving?

What don't you like about MB? Traffic on Sepulveda, especially around lunchtime.  
What will you be doing on Thanksgiving and whom will you be with? We'll be doing a large, joint family potluck with the families of my 3-year-old daughter's best friends from preschool and maybe head to a friend's house for dessert. My mom just moved to Manhattan Beach in June so we are very excited that she's able to join us this year.

What will your Thanksgiving meal consist of? It's a potluck so we'll have the usual turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes/gravy, pumpkin pie, etc. and whatever else the other guests bring. I'm bringing my homemade apple-orange-cranberry sauce and marinated green beans.  

What is your favorite Thanksgiving dish? Why? I've always been a sucker for the turkey leg, although with 20+ people this year we may have to pull straws to see who gets them. When I was little my dad used to make sure that I got the leg before anyone else did. He passed away in 2000 so it's just a nice memory I have of him.

What is your favorite thing about Thanksgiving? Spending time with my family and friends, reminiscing about the past, and having a valid excuse to eat as much pumpkin pie as I want.

What was your childhood Thanksgiving like? I grew up in New Jersey and had both sets of grandparents, aunts and uncles and a lot of cousins all within an hour's drive. We would usually gather at one of their houses and make as much noise as possible - usually at the dinner table or watching football games on TV.
What's your favorite hang out spot in MB? Usually Starbucks, especially the one in the Barnes & Noble store on Rosecrans.

How would you describe Manhattan Beach in three words? Fun, family-friendly and fabulous!

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