Jul 28, 2014

Third-Row Seats Go Bye Bye

GMC sport utility vehicles are prime for third-row seats being stolen, however, the theft isn't unique to the GMC SUV. Got an SUV with third-row seats? Here are tips for protecting them from theft and recovering them.

Third-Row Seats Go Bye Bye

Police at the Van Nuys Station Wednesday suggested that the owners of big GMC sport utility vehicles use cable locks to secure removable third-row seats favored by burglars.

Police also urged people to have their seats engraved with the SUV's vehicle identification number, so that they can be claimed if stolen and recovered by police.

Perhaps the best solution is to remove the seats and leave them at home. Replacements can cost more than $3,000, but crooks resell them for less than half that, according to law enforcement authorities.

At Allen Cadillac in Laguna Niguel, third-row seats were stolen from 17 Escalades over Memorial Day weekend.

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