Jul 29, 2014

Gressett Plans To File Suit Against The County And The City

He claims the charges of rape were politically motivated.

Gressett Plans To File Suit Against The County And The City

by Bay City News

Contra Costa County prosecutor Michael Gressett today announced plans to file a lawsuit Wednesday against the county and Martinez police for "maliciously investigating and prosecuting" him after he faced charges for allegedly raping a junior colleague.

Lawyers for the longtime deputy district attorney said the case against Gressett was politically motivated and forms the basis for the civil suit.

The alleged victim in the sexual assault case, a former Contra Costa assistant district attorney referred to in court as Jane Doe, alleged that during a visit to his Martinez home in May 2008, Gressett raped and sodomized her at gunpoint.

Gressett always maintained that the sex was consensual.

A 13-county grand jury indictment against him was dropped last fall after a judge found that prosecutors failed to disclose key facts to the jury, such as that the alleged victim received a $450,000 settlement from the district attorney's office.

Gressett, who was initially fired after charges were filed against him, has since been reinstated to his position in the district attorney's office, according to his attorneys.

He is still employed there but remains on paid administrative leave, said Gary Gwilliam, one of Gressett's attorneys.

Gwilliam declined to go into detail about the lawsuit today, pending a Wednesday morning news conference where Gressett plans to speak about the suit.

The appearance will mark the first time the deputy district attorney has spoken publicly about the charges previously filed against him.

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