Jul 26, 2014

Police Log - Road Rage, Picturing the Refinery, Craigslist Scam

The following information was taken from the Daily Police Log and rewritten by Martinez Patch.

Police Log - Road Rage, Picturing the Refinery, Craigslist Scam

August 8, 2012

7:08am – A woman was arrested in front of the Main Street Starbucks after she was reported yelling obscenities at customers.

10:25am – Two people in a white unmarked van were seen filming the Shell Refinery from Pacheco Boulevard with video and handheld cameras. We know from past episodes that the refinery is very sensitive to being photographed unless it has had a chance to tidy up first, and the men were told to stop.

6:46pm – A man answering an ad on Craigslist for a home on Center Avenue to rent visited the home in question and found that the owner lived across the street. The man contacted the owner, who was didn’t know anything about a Craigslist listing. The Craigslist poster requested a Social Security number and other personal information from people answering the ad. Moral of the story: Be sure who know to whom you’re giving out information.

August 9, 2012

2:07am – Someone on Masonic Street complained about “a carload of women” making a lot of noise below the person’s bedroom window, but by the time police arrived, they had moved on to disturb someone else.

8:06am – A bike was stolen from a patio at the Martinez Unified School District office on Susana Street between 5:30am and 8am.

11:20am – A Midhill Road resident complained that her neighbor’s son was shooting a BB gun toward a school and a teacher at the school was hit with a bb. The mother had given her permission for the boy to shoot the gun, apparently, but not in the direction of the school. Clearly the boy ignored that advice.

11:47am – Apparently, if a cable guy shows up without an appointment, call and check. A resident of Mt. Kennedy Drive was curious when a man dressed in a Comcast Polo shirt showed up carrying a clipboard asking questions. When the resident checked with Comcast, they were unaware of anyone in the area.

5:32pm – File under the category “something you never needed to see… ever”: a man waded into the duck pond at Waterfront Park wearing nothing but bikini briefs. Thankfully, police came and escorted him from the water, and hopefully to his clothes.

9:56pm – A man with a blue bandana around his face approached a person using the ATM in the parking lot of Chase Bank on Alhambra Avenue and, holding a flashlight, ordered the person to “take out all your money.” The person refused, so the man got into a newer Chevy Impala and drove away. He was gone when police arrived.

August 10, 2012

1:21pm – A woman cashed a check at Walmart on Arnold Drive and received 3 $100 bills. She tried to deposit the bills at her bank, but she was advised all three bills were counterfeit. Walmart advised her there was nothing they could do about it, since she had already left the store with the bills.

8:24pm – Two cars at the corner of Vine Hill Way and Costanza Drive were involved in an ongoing road rage incident; a minivan stopped at the stop sign, and the driver was yelling at the driver of a gold car. As the cars continued on, they continued shouting at each other, and then began to ram each other’s vehicles. They were gone by the time police arrived. 

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