15 Sep 2014
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Too Much Measure K $$ Is Going to Alhambra HS, Says Ex-School Board Member

Ron Skrehot, former board member, urges Martinez residents to examine where the millions of dollars are headed, and to come to Monday's meeting.

Too Much Measure K $$ Is Going to Alhambra HS, Says Ex-School Board Member
Written by Ron Skrehot, Former Board Member: 

In the meeting of the Martinez School Board this past Monday, June 9, it became more clear that the board is not paying attention to what is going on in this state.  

In a nice presentation, the Martinez School District outlined the work that has been done in planning for the new LCAP program (Local Control and Accountability Plan) which includes the need for looking at classroom environment among many other things.  

During board discussion there was not one word mentioned about the lack of equity of the classroom physical environment between MUSD sites and how Measure K funds could be used to reduce or eliminate the inequity. 

Even though there is a special discussion meeting scheduled for June 16 to prepare the final list for Measure K Phase 2 spending, it seems the board majority has decided where the lion’s share of that money will be spent, Alhambra High School. 

Look at the minutes of the meeting of April 28 in the discussion for “The Conceptual Plans” for Alhambra, John Fuller asked if a range of $8 million – $12 million was a “good place to start.”  

Member McLaughlin agreed with the range as well as member Elskin.  

Elskin goes on to say that “we need to do what is best with our money now.

While I couldn’t agree more with that statement, what she sees as “best” isn’t in line with what is most critically needed at several school sites.  

She says ”Looking at AHS, she feels the heart of the school is important; it is a great place to learn and socialize.”

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Are our other schools not great places to learn?  Is a social program at Alhambra more important than the lacking classroom environments at other schools?  Are they not important enough to this board to bring up to the same standards as Alhambra?  

If classroom environment isn’t important, then turn off the air conditioning at Alhambra and see how many parents complain.  

See how many teachers get sick working in that kind of environment on extremely hot days.  

Yet when staff members made those needs known at the special discussion meeting of April 21st, the board seems to have ignored them and are moving ahead with the “Conceptual Plan for Alhambra.” 

After the failure of the board to collectively connect the dots between LCAP and Measure K available funding this past Monday, they fail to meet the needs of all students within the district.  

They fail the taxpayers of Martinez and they fail to meet the intent of the bond measure, because spending $8 million to $12 million at Alhambra leaves insufficient funds to take care of more critical needs at other sites. 

If you agree you need to be at the board room of the Martinez Unified School District this coming Monday night, June 16.  

They have been starting special meetings at 6 pm.. but check the MUSD website ( http://www.martinezusd.net/board) to confirm the start time. 

Signed: Ron Skrehot

Former Board Member

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