15 Sep 2014
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Best Companies to Work for in 2014

Google grabs the top slot yet again on Fortune list.

Best Companies to Work for in 2014
Written by  AOL Jobs Staff, AOL Jobs 

In its 17th year, Fortune's highly anticipated list of best workplaces in the country presents a valuable resource for job seekers who are looking for more than just a paycheck. With the help of The Great Place To Work Institute, Fortune surveyed 252,000 employees at 257 firms to rank the companies based on management's credibility, job satisfaction and camaraderie. (Learn more about the  selection process here.)

Some of the companies offer great (and sometimes unusual) benefits, including healthcare, work-life balance opportunities and even bicycles and fitness incentives. What's more, almost every company is hiring!

1.  Google

Previous Rank: 1
Annual Revenue ($ millions): $50,175
Headquarters: Mountain View, CA

Why Google is so great: The tech giant keeps its employees happy by offering them unusual perks that range from free bikes to  death benefits (a guarantee that if an employee should die, his or her spouse will receive half of the deceased worker's salary for ten years). Google's stock price rose above $1000 in 2013, a boon for Googlers, who are all stockholders, as  CNNMoney reported.

Employee Review: "Free 24:7 gym access (on MTV campus). Free (self service) laundry (washer/dryer) available. Bowling alley. Volley ball pit. Custom-built and exclusive employee use only outdoor sport park (MTV). Free health/fitness assessments. Dog-friendly. Etc. etc. etc."*

Find a job at  Google.

2.  SAS

Previous Rank: 2
Annual Revenue ($ millions): $2,870
Headquarters: Cary, NC

Why SAS is so great: Work-life balance is a priority at the software developer. Its onsite health center is open to employees and their family members, and 95 percent of the company's workers said it's easy for them to take time off to take care of family members, according to  CBS News.

Employee Review: "Sound company. Best soft benefits are when you work at the main "campus" (HQ) in Cary NC."*

Find a job at  SAS.

3.  The Boston Consulting Group

Previous Rank: 4
Annual Revenue ($ millions): $3,700
Headquarters: Boston, MA

Why The Boston Consulting Group is so great: The global management consulting firm is a top employer of graduates from MIT, Harvard Business School, Cambridge University and others. In 2012, newly recruited grads received  total compensation packages of up to $195,000.  Working Mother magazinehas rated the company as one of the best companies for working mothers.

Employee Review: "Working at BCG provided me with the opportunity to work with some of the smartest, most talented people I have ever come across. Between the high-level, interesting problems and the top-tier clients, BCG is a fantastic place to work."*

Find a job at  The Boston Consulting Group.

4.  Edward Jones 

Previous Rank: 8
Annual Revenue ($ millions): $5,027
Headquarters: St. Louis, MO

Why Edward Jones is so great: Turnover at the financial services firm is at an industry low of 8 percent, reported  CNNMoney. J.D. Power and Associates has named the company "Highest in Investor Satisfaction" for eight years, most recently in 2013.

Employee Review: "After finishing my first year at Edward Jones, I truly feel like this is the best company to work for. My pay was tremendously higher than I thought it was going to be in the first year. I love the fact that you have your own BOA, set your own hours, and win diversification trips by the hard work you do."*

Find a job at  Edward Jones.

5.  Quicken Loans

Previous Rank: 13
Annual Revenue ($ millions): N.A.
Headquarters: Detroit, MI

Why Quicken Loans is so great: In 2013, Quicken became the largest mortgage lender in the United States. It was already the largest national online mortgage lender. Its workforce fell in the years that immediately followed the financial crisis, but the company has amassed a staff of 10,000 since it moved its headquarters to Detroit in 2010.

Employee Review: "Amazing culture. You will make friends. The company REALLY cares about contributing to Detroit."*

Find a job at  Quicken Loans.

6.  Genentech

Previous Rank: 36
Annual Revenue ($ millions): $14,778
Headquarters: South San Fransisco, CA

Why Genetech is so great: The biotech giant offers  generous time off to its employees. The company provides a leave of absence for "a number of circumstances, including family care, maternity leave and medical conditions" and a full paid sabbatical every six years. Genentech has been on Fortune's best 100 companies list for 16 consecutive years.

Employee Review: "Advancement opportunity, they listen to employees, paid sabbatical every six years."*

Find a job at  Genentech.

7.  Salesforce.com

Previous Rank: 19
Annual Revenue ($ millions): $3,050
Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

Why Salesforce.com is so great: The cloud computing innovator added 1,264 new hires in 2013, doubling its workforce from 5,000 to 10,000, reported  CNNMoney. When he started the company, CEO Marc Benioff created the Salesforce Foundation, to which he pledged to "donate 1% of salesforce.com equity, 1% of his employees' time, and 1% of his product to improving communities around the world," according to the  company website.

Employee Review: "Colleagues are not just intelligent and insightful, they are generally genuinely nice. It seems to be part of the culture there, at least in the division I was in. Virtually everyone seemed happy in their work and satisfied with how they were treated by the company."*

Find a job at  Salesforce.com.

8.  Intuit

Previous Rank: 22
Annual Revenue ($ millions): $4,150
Headquarters: Mountain View, CA

Why Intuit is so great: The software company offers its 8,500 employees benefits including up to $650 a year for gym membership, swimming lessons, basketball-league fees and Pilates classes, reported  CNNMoney. Intuit has ranked among the " World's Most Admired Companies," another Fortune list.

Employee Review: "One of the best companies in Silicon Valley both from a Work Life balance and in tune with the technology perspective."*

Find a job at  Intuit.

9. Robert W. Baird & Co.

Previous Rank: 14
Annual Revenue ($ millions): $961
Headquarters: Milwaukee, WI

Why Robert W. Baird & Co. is so great: The subsidiary of Baird, an international, employee-owned financial services firm has 2,600 employees, 13 percent of whom have been at the company for over 15 years, according to  CNNMoney. The company also caps its hourly associates' workweek at 37 ½ hours and leads several philanthropic initiatives.

Employee Review: "Hidden gem; a positive culture that is unique on Wall Street."*

Find a job at  Robert W. Baird & Co.

10.  DPR Construction

Previous Rank: 15
Annual Revenue ($ millions): $2,544
Headquarters: Redwood, CA

Why DPR Construction is so great: The employee-owned construction contractor has an exhaustive list of clients that include Facebook, Pixar and AT&T. Workers gave CEO Doug Woods a 100% approval rating on  Glassdoor.

Employee Review: "Fantastic co workers, great PTO/vacation policy compared to the remainder of the industry, good pay, and freedom/resources available to always look for a better way to do something!"*

Find a job at  DPR Construction.

*All reviews from  Glassdoor.

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