Jul 29, 2014

Menlo Park Scopes Facebook Project

Consultants will review the project's environmental impacts before it can be approved.

Menlo Park Scopes Facebook Project Menlo Park Scopes Facebook Project Menlo Park Scopes Facebook Project

Menlo Park residents said that traffic, bike safety, and cognizance of the Cargill Saltworks development project are some of the main issues that need to be assessed in the Facebook campus project’s environmental impact review.

The comments were during the planning commission meeting Monday night.

The California Environmental Quality Act requires an analysis of the environmental impacts that major projects will have on an area prior to . Cycling advocates and Menlo Park residents took advantage of the public comment period to share what they think should be prioritized with the planning commission, as did about 20 other people in the council chambers.

Matt Henry, President of the Homeowners Association, said that the intersection of and Highway 101 was overlooked in the preliminary traffic impact analysis.

“It’s also one of the most dangerous intersections for bicyclists and pedestrians,” Henry told planning commissioners.  

“At eight different sections of this intersection, cars and people compete for space,” he said.

Planning Commissioner Henry Riggs agreed with Henry's comment and said that this would be a good opportunity to study that area. 

Atkins is the lead consulting company that will manage the , which is in the scoping phase.  For more information about this scoping session, read .

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