Jul 26, 2014

Prevent litter from polluting the Bay

Prevent litter from polluting the Bay

You can prevent water pollution in the Bay Area. Here’s how: don’t litter. Trash travels down storm drains untreated, polluting creeks, the Bay and the ocean. Prevent water pollution by keeping litter off of streets and roads. Learn more at Baywise.org.


Cigarette butts are more than just a eyesore on streets and roads—they’re trash that can cause stormwater pollution. Cigarette butts travel down storm drains polluting creeks, the Bay and even the ocean, harming wildlife and their habitats. If you smoke, don’t litter. Use ash tray receptacles instead. Learn more at Baywise.org.


Eating on the run? Make sure to hold onto that coffee cup or food wrapper until you see a garbage can. Don’t throw it on the ground. A recent study in the Bay Area showed that cup lids and straws were a major source of litter. Do your part to reduce litter and you can help keep our creeks and Bay clean. Learn more about how trash can pollute local waters at Baywise.org.

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