Jul 28, 2014
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Young Outliers Summer Camp Registration Now Open. Avail of the early bird discount!

Young Outliers is a summer learning company offering weekly courses linking academics with design entrepreneurship. Each course focuses on a theme and praxis in a field (learning from practice, e.g. science, social sciences, song, creative writing). Participants are formed into project and business teams. They create products driven by insights from what they learn. Participants learn how products influence people’s lives and way of thinking and vice-versa. Every team's goal is to create products that make this a better world. These learning products are sold and distributed online at the Young Outliers Marketplace.

Targeted to children ages 9-13, participants learn-by-doing through improv, arts, physical and social games, simulations, experiments, and social interactions. No worksheets and no lectures. Lessons are immersive and fun. Participants experience social, meaningful, and insightful ways of learning.

This year 2014 summer camp will be at the JLS Middle School campus in Palo Alto. Register today. Avail of the early bird discount and save your space at  www.YoungOutliers.com

For more information email info@youngoutliers.com

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