Jul 28, 2014
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Game On, Mill Valley

We here at Mill Valley Patch hereby challenge you to a virtual scavenger hunt on our site. Winner gets a gift card to the restaurant of their choice.

Game On, Mill Valley

Think you know your Mill Valley Patch? Sure about that? Put your site skills to the test with the following clues. Enter your answers in the Comments section below. The first person with all 10 correct answers wins a gift card to their favorite restaurant! Contest is limited to one submission per person. 

1) “The Deuce” is another name for this local hot spot.

2)  “What are Mill Valley’s top new businesses?” was a question posted on what day?

3) This organization seeks regular volunteers at Marin Headlands Native Plant Nursery to help grow plants, collect seeds, maintain the nursery facility and more. 

4) Patch gives ___% of its advertising space, free of charge, to local charities from the communities Patch serves. 

5) This is the name of the column that gives us a glimpse of the past and present of Mill Valley’s hallmarks and he is the contributor (2-part answer).

6) This family friendly event runs from June 17-August 12 and features local musicians and a different genre of music every week. 

7) To get Mill Valley news, events and deals delivered straight to you, sign up for this.   

8) In an article posted April 26, 2011, it was reported that the Marin Community Foundation granted $2 million to health clinics and nonprofit health care agencies.  What was the name of the fund?

9) Sturdy black office chairs, lighted display cabinets and a timeless entertainment center are just a few items you can find here on Patch. 

10) Alison Brown, Antonia Hall, Bea Johnson, John Hoeber, Ken Wachtel, Suz Lipman and Tom Boss all share their opinions on various topics through this blog.

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