Jul 29, 2014
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Mill Valley Music Celebrates Record Store Day

Local record store participates in four-year-old celebration of the independent record store.

Mill Valley Music Celebrates Record Store Day

Few industries have been turned on their head by technology quite like the music business over the past decade, but while we can argue all day about major record labels and iTunes and where all the money is going, one thing we can all (I hope) agree on is the community value of the local record shop.

Today is Record Store Day, a four-year-old annual celebration of the independent record store. It's turned into quite an event, with artists all over the world releasing limited edition songs, from Bruce Sringsteen to Radiohead. 

All the blogs, social media websites and BitTorrents can't replace the guy behind the counter at your local record shop - the guy who knows what you like but will bend your ear to get you to listen to something unexpected. There's no better example of that guy than our own Gary Scheuenstuhl of  at 320 Miller Avenue. Gary took the reins from , who closed his  Village Music nearly four years ago. His shop is a treasure trove, with the latest releases from artists young and old and a mean stockpile of old favorites.

Mill Valley Music is having a special sale in conjunction with Record Store Day. Here's Gary's list of his .

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