Jul 29, 2014
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PG&E: Power Outages Spike at Valentine's Day

Mylar balloons that fly away get tangled on power lines and cause outages.

PG&E: Power Outages Spike at Valentine's Day PG&E: Power Outages Spike at Valentine's Day

Come mid-February, PG&E has a new nemesis — those shiny, heart-shaped, metallic-looking balloons. 

Mylar balloons have caused hundreds of power outages over the years, with the number increasing by more than 100 percent since 2003. 

According to PG&E, balloons that are let loose often get entangled in power lines, causing the power to cut, disrupting neighborhoods and can threatening to cause serious injury. 

The chart below (also in the photos section) shows the growing number of balloon-related power outages over the last decade.

YearBalloon-related power outages2003 129 2006 142 2009 213 2012 288

So this Valentine’s Day, public works crews and PG&E ask you to tie those balloons to something safe, or keep them inside and deflate them once the holiday is over.

And remember, just because balloon goes flat doesn't mean your love has.

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