Jul 26, 2014

Police Arrest Three Teens for Graffiti Binge

Tagging all over town over Memorial Day weekend spawned rumors that it was tied to an unofficial Tam High scavenger hunt, but police determine that it was not.

Police Arrest Three Teens for Graffiti Binge Police Arrest Three Teens for Graffiti Binge Police Arrest Three Teens for Graffiti Binge

After six days of widespread rumors about who was responsible for a , Mill Valley Police said Friday that they arrested three teens on suspicion of the vandalism.

The graffiti, most of which came in the form of "SHT," was widely rumored to be tied to an unofficial scavenger hunt involving Tam High juniors, but police believe that the graffiti was not associated with the scavenger hunt, according to Sgt. Paul Wrapp.

Mill Valley Police Detective David Kollerer arrested the three teens at around 2 p.m.  following interviews on Thursday and released them to the custody of their parents, Wrapp said. The names and schools of the students arrested won’t be released because they are juveniles, Wrapp said.

The tagging was reported all over town, from downtown Mill Valley and the Sycamore area to Tam Valley and Almonte. The tagging reportedly occurred between Friday night (May 25) and early Saturday morning (May 26) and rumors quickly spread that it was connected to the annual “scavenger hunt,” an unofficial event for the past few years organized by Tam High students.

Tam High Principal Tom Drescher quickly sought to dispel those rumors and characterized the incident as the act of a few.

Wrapp said the punishment for graffiti and vandalism for juveniles ranges from a fine and restitution to probation and incarceration in rare cases.

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