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The Biggest Stories of 2011

A look back at the 10 most read stories on Milpitas Patch from 2011.

The Biggest Stories of 2011 The Biggest Stories of 2011 The Biggest Stories of 2011 The Biggest Stories of 2011 The Biggest Stories of 2011 The Biggest Stories of 2011 The Biggest Stories of 2011 The Biggest Stories of 2011

It’s hard to believe the year has almost come to a close.

Today, we take a look back at the 10 most popular stories on Milpitas Patch from 2011.

Tell us—which did you find the most compelling, and why? Or, is there a story from the past year you’re surprised didn’t make the list?

We look forward to spending an even better 2012 with you, and thank you for reading Milpitas Patch and sharing us with your family and friends!

- Milpitas Patch Editor Jennifer van der Kleut 


1. – The community was left shocked and saddened by the unforeseen suicide of Jesse Ulibas two weeks into his junior year at Milpitas High School. Friends and family said he showed no signs of distress in the weeks leading up to his death. Ulibas’ memorials were highly attended. 

2. – On March 11, the National Weather Service upgraded a previous tsunami watch to a warning. Areas of Capitola were evacuated as a precautionary measure. The water in Half Moon Bay’s Pillar Point reportedly rose 8 inches and boats in Santa Cruz Harbor were seen breaking loose and crashing into each other. Damages in the Santa Cruz area due to tsunami wave surges were estimated at around $2 million.

    3. Due to budgetary problems, many cities canceled their traditional annual fireworks shows this year, which may be why this article was so popular. It listed fireworks shows taking place throughout the south bay, so those who really treasure the time-honored July 4th tradition could still find a place to do so.

      4. Few can forget the tragic events of Oct. 5, when Cupertino Lehigh Cement Plant employee Shareef Allman went on a shooting rampage, killing three of his co-workers during an early-morning meeting, and then fleeing, shooting yet another woman during an attempt to steal her car. Allman was finally spotted by overnight patrols in the Sunnyvale area—where he fled following the shooting—early the next morning, and reportedly shot himself just as officers were opening fire on him.

        5. Many in the community paused to remember Keith Hadnot, a Milpitas native who graduated from Milpitas High, when he fell victim to a gunshot in Union City on June 14. The motive for the shooting was unknown, but Hadnot was seen arguing with two teenagers just before the shooting. It was theorized that Hadnot walked away from the teens after the argument and crossed the street, when one of the teens took out a handgun and shot him in the back.

          6. – Just before Memorial Day this year, Milpitas Patch posed this question to our readers, and we published six answers. Readers also shared their thoughts in the comments.

            7. The week before Halloween, Milpitas Patch featured an article written by one of our fellow east bay Patch sites in which the manager of a Spirit Halloween costume store shared some of this year’s craziest and most unusual trends in costume picks—characters from the popular mobile video game Angry Birds, adult and baby zombies such as those seen in the new hit TV show The Walking Dead, and Charlie Sheen’s popular outfit from his Two and a Half Men days, his party “uniform,” the bowling shirt.

              8. – Many residents were saddened when the news first spread that the longtime owners of Milpitas’ last roller skating rink, Cal Skate, were planning to sell the business to a housing developer. Many said it was “like part of their childhood was dying,” and shared some of their fondest memories of the business.

                9. Many were interested to hear of the German-based electronics manufacturing company’s purchase of $5 million worth of real estate on Cottonwood Drive in Milpitas, for a new facility. Zollner’s CEO, Johann Weber, and other representatives were on hand for a special welcoming by members of the City of Milpitas, to celebrate the closing of escrow on their new property, in August.

                  10. Many were touched by the inspirational story of Jeannette Bumagat, or “Coach J” as she is affectionately called, who leads the South Bay Scholars of AAU Boys and Girls Basketball program. Bumagat is said to be a very caring, compassionate and motivational coach who teaches the importance of academics and shares life lessons with her team members, as well as excellent basketball skills.


                  What was the most important story of 2011 to you? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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