23 Aug 2014
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Candidate Bio: John Webb

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Candidate Bio: John Webb

 John Webb, who has support from four local tea parties, is taking on and Sukhee Kang  to become the U.S. congressman representing California's 45th district.

NAME:  John Webb

AGE: 66

RACE: California 45th U.S. Congressional District

FAMILY: Wife Teresa and three grown children

EDUCATION: AA Degree Santa Ana City College; BS Degree, Political Science,
California State University, Fullerton


KEY ENDORSEMENTS: Atlas Pac, UROC; American Independent Party, Newport-Mesa Tea Party, Laguna Woods Tea Party, SOC 912 Tea Party; Leadership Alliance, Villa Park City Councilwoman Debra Pauly, Placentia Mayor Jeremy Yamaguchi and numerous business leaders.

CAMPAIGN WEBSITE:   johnwebb2012.net

CAMPAIGN FUNDS RAISED AND SPENT: (from county registrar, secretary of state site or feds) Raised $41,000, spent $36,000

Here are some longer questions. Please limit your answers to 200 words:

  • Why are you running (if you're a challenger) or what qualifies you to hold office (if you're an incumbent)? I've had enough of professional politicians. Our founding fathers envisioned people leaving their homes, serving a short time in Congress, and returning home. We've gotten away from the returning home part of the equation. I will serve and then return home to my family and business.


  • What is the most important issue facing voters in your district, and where do you stand on that issue? A plan to create jobs, rein in the EPA, insure energy independence, change the tax code and bring manufacturing back to the United States. Every Republican running says these same words, here is the difference: I have a plan. Basically my plan understands there is no problem more important than jobs. Other items which will be addressed are addressed because they stand in the way of everyday people getting good paying jobs. I will introduce a bill into Congress offering Tax Free Profits to companies that open Manufacturing plants in the U.S. and sell the products overseas. We will trade the jobs, increased infrastructure and larger economic activity for the profits from manufacturers. (Since 2001 the U.S. has lost 42,000 manufacturing plants employing an average of 500 workers per plant). Manufacturing plants do not leave the U.S. due to the cost of labor, they leave because of Regulations. Regulations are killing businesses in the U.S. I will introduce a bill to return the EPA to the rules being used in 1995. Further, any additional rules affecting businesses in the U.S. must be passed by Congress and not a bureaucrat in the EPA. I will introduce a bill to open Federal Lands to oil drilling. The rules on drilling should come from the State where the drilling is taking place. The Federal Government should not be involved in setting rules for oil drilling in the individual states. I will introduce a bill calling for a flat tax of 12 percent on every individual and corporation in this country. When was the last time the government asked you what you were willing to pay for their services. I'm willing to pay 12% and will introduce a bill to make it the law of the land. Everybody should be paying taxes. Right now 47 percent of Americans do not pay income taxes. If you earn one dollar, you are benefiting from being a citizen and you should owe the same taxes as your neighbor.


  • Do you offer any pledges or promises to voters? I will serve no more than six years. I will meet regularly with the people of my district. If you telephone my office we will call you back and address your problem. If it is beyond our capability, we will tell you.

  • Will you share with us a little-known fact about yourself, something that might surprise even your family or friends?  I tried for several years to become a NASCAR driver.  Didn't happen.............inadequate skills.

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